Center Staff

Meet our team in Detroit, MI, and Washington, D.C., as well as our Research Assistants, and yearly Oversight Fellow(s) from research institutions across the country.

Main Office

James Townsend

Director of the Levin Center

Julieann Elliott headshot

Julieann Elliott

Administrative Clerk


Lynne Geller

Director of Philanthropy


Margaux Laspeyres

Manager, Operations and Finance

Congressional Office

Elise Bean_edited

Elise Bean

Director, Washington Office


Linda Gustitus

Senior Advisor

Betsy Hawkings

Congressional Outreach Manager

State Oversight Academy

Kyle Bule

Research and Communications Specialist

Benjamin Eikey

Manager, State Training and Development

Headshot of Ian McKnight, Levin Center State Training and Development Manager.

Ian McKnight

Manager, State Training and Development

Majorie Sarbaugh-Thompson headshot

Marjorie Sarbaugh-Thompson

Academic Director, State Oversight Academy

Civic Education Program - Learning by Hearings

Lauren Jasinski headshot for Levin Center

Lauren Jasinski

Civic Education Specialist

Mark Morrow

Civic Education Specialist

Christopher Hunter

Civic Education Outreach Coordinator

Oversight Research & Scholarship

Zukie Hlwatika
People-Centered Oversight Research Associate
Nathan Kelps

Postgraduate Fellow

Grace Moore
Research and Data Specialist
Jennifer Seech-Seramur
People-Centered Oversight Research Associate

Research Assistants

Fernando Avalos-Oviedo
Kaleigh Belz
Holly Gumbachy
Sydney Matuska
Alyssa Noch headshot as Levin Center staff
Alyssa Noch
Raphi Sadaka